Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I've developed new method of measuring the state of the weather. While cycling to work I count a sample of women I happen to see walking, waiting for buses, etc. and note whether they're in trousers or a skirt.
The percentage of trousered women then stands as a representation of the temperature, wind chill, rainfall, etc in an objective measurement of whether the weather is good (probably a 30 or 40% trouser factor) or the weather is poor (a 90% trouser factor). I may refine this in time. Coats might be a good one to use, low cut tops, shorts, tights, big boots, etc.
Today I noted 82% of women were wearing trousers today. Although this varies depending on where I take my sample. It reached 90% in central London.
Yesterday it was 82% in central London and 90% on the Old Kent Road area.
The samples I use are quite low - as little as 20, in dense areas I counted as many as 100 before I came up with the figure. The sample size has had little affect on the final figure.

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