Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Someone in the haulage vehicle industry have called themselves ABBA with the backward facing B just like the band. You may have to click on the image to see it.

I'm riding my bike.

When I left home on Monday the world looked like this. Lovely blue sky, and yet still bloody cold.

Last week - we had this cold white stuff all over the ground.

And a flash back to the summer - this was part of the Sultan's Elephant event. It's the spaceship the puppet girl rode into town in.

I've been offered free entry to a Dials gig next week. It's a show-piece gig at Dingwalls. I'm looking forward to it, though don't know who i'm gonna go with yet.

It was fecking freezing yesterday and today - cycling through ice-cold rain. I got all gritty too, as all the grit the council put on the road last week has been sprayed up by my wheels all over my bags, my jacket and my bike.

In case you haven't found this site yet - it can be hilarious, and adictive - take a look:

I've made a decision not to go to Glastonbury Festival this year. It hurts, but I'd rather not spend the money, or have to endure false joviality with people i barely know and would rather not see. I'll be there in 2008 though.

Undergoing major changes in my life. S and I have seperated and I'm downsizing my life. So far I've chucked bags and bags of stuff, and boxed a lot more ready for possible storage, depending on how much it costs. I'm getting ready to go and live in one room.

I've lost weight, so most of my clothes fit me now. I've been able to chuck the large size stuff, though there's a whole other load of stuff for when i'm thin - good t shirts, jeans, shirts - which i'll have to hang onto for a while.

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