Friday, March 30, 2007

London Drinker

The London Beer Festival in the Camden Centre has started. S and I went down there yesterday afternoon. We both ate a pasty to line our stomachs and then queued to get in. It was free - lunchtime, 12 to 3pm. Once in we got our half pint glasses and headed straight for the beer. A slightly disapointing stout to begin, and then I went for a lighter beer with overtones of pineapple, a stout that tasted of coffee, a bitter from Devon, a German smoky beer, and an English porter.

We also managed to have a dish of honeyed pork and mash each. I bought 8 pints of cider, both French and Devon, and we bought an assortment of German and Dutch beers too.

Smashed, we headed home. I was on my bike.

Right away a couple of pip-squeaks pulled over to harrass me. I was in the middle lane and signalled left to change lane, changed lane, and continued to a stop line at a red light. That is when they pulled up alongisde me.

They'd seen me change lane, as I had seen them. They were so far behind me that I considered it safe to change lane. and it was. I got to the lights before them, and they were slowing down anyway. I reckon we were going the same speed. They said "For a start, you're not wearing a helmet." I told them I didn;t need to. For a bloody start!! I didn't want to hear about what they had to say to be honest. They perceived my changing lanes on a busy dual carriageway as dangerous. Only dangerous if the wankers driving cars fail to act on my clear signals.

Then the bloke in the lorry behind wanted to have a go, and I told him to fuck off. And another bloke leaned out of his lorry and said "You wanna calm down." I shouted "FUCK OFF". Why do these twats get involved anyway? Is it just a sport to have a go at a cyclist? If everyone had left me alone then there would have been no problems.

Then a bus forced me onto the wrong side of the road. I've put a complaint in to the company, no reply yet.

Later S and I had a curry and early to bed. We were alseep by 10.30 I reckon.

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