Monday, March 19, 2007

Piney Gir

I was at the Borderline on Saturday to see a line up organised by someone called "Howdy Do?". It cost £7 to get in, which is why I was there. No one I knew could go - or wanted to go - so that's why I was there by myself.

I was a bit depressed, for reasons I won;t go into, so I nearly didn;t go. I nearly left early once I was in. The first band, Noah and The Whale, looked like they were still at school. Three boys and one girl. The singer was clearly some sort of protoge, and I expect him to succeed at some point, though perhaps not with this band. There was a drummer, the girl sang and played what I think was a harmonica, and the other boy was a guitarist. They did this sort of Decemberist/ literal type music, quite folky, and moved into Nightingales style indie country. The last song "It comforts me" was the most upbeat, in an Americana vein, though I thought the lyrical content let it down.

Jay Jay & The Pistolets comprised of one man and an accousitc guitar. He seemed quite angst, sang in a kind of contrived whining voice, and berated the audience for talking through his songs in a pathetically ineffectual manner. He called the audience "rude". Well that told them.

Peter and the Wolf were the first band with a record out. They were Doves/ Magic Numbers sort of thing, Scottish, as far as I could tell, and they had a rather tasty drummer.

Finally Piney Gir came on. I was glad I stayed. I should have twigged who they were, but didn't until way into the set. She'd been on Phil Jupitus in the week and I resolved to check her out at some point. She even mentioned that she'd be in the Borderline failry soon, and I thought vaguely about going. When I received the email on thursday about this gig, though, I'd forgotten about that. I only went cos I was at a loose end and the gig was very cheap.

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