Monday, April 19, 2010

I was out doing an on location inspection of a great big pile of rubbish in one of our West London depots. It's been put there gradually by staff over a year or two, won't be there much longer.
I cycled there and made it in astounding time of 1 hour 45 minutes - arrived 10 am on the dot.
Dreamt that the world had ended - with a whimper not a bang. It was just announced one day that the big institutions couldn;t continue - somehting had gone wrong and they all had to stop. I had this image of someone mending the financial system with a giant piece of sellotape.
With the last of my money we were getting the car converted to a sort of pick up truck and filling the car with what we could and getting out. Only I took a look up the coast and noticed that a relaly nice bit of New York was virtually abandoned, so we moved into a big house there.
I kept asking questions relalted to our situation such as wonder how long we'll have all these tv channels for - pointing out that eventually the satellites will start falling out of the sky and we won't be able to replace them. I predicted only one national tv station, and then only local ones.

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