Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weak end Weakened Weekend

The weekend arrives too late to rescue me as usual. I needed one on Wednesday this week, though usually get through to Thursday OK. Friday is often a complete write off.
I should be cycling but feel that I have too much I need to sort out at home first....that and I need to recover from the last few days' stress, which translated into a rollercoaster adventure of stress, panic, and complete lethargy.
I thought I'd lost loads of my things. All I wanted to do was put the radio on in my room so I could clear it up and have a bit of a tidy up/ organise. But I couldn;t find the radio so I put my MP3 player on which went off because of a low battery. Couldn't find the charger. So I worked in silence. There was briefly a panic about my debiot card and work pass. I picked up all my dirty clothes off the floor; hung up the clean stuff; threw away piles of old paperwork and piled up the useful stuff either to scan or read. Then I could see the floor.
Gradually my lost things turned up - radio, charger, phones, various bits of paperwork.
In the evening I ended up getting some work done on my long term project (or book as I used to call it)....and played "The Settlers" PC game till 3 am.

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