Sunday, April 18, 2010

My blogging has tailed off alarmingly lately for various reasons. One is that the chances of me getting a decent internet connection the same time I want to write something is virtually never. 3 Mobile has informed me that I have used up my fair use policy internet allowance for April - the so called unlimited option which i managed to use up in one day! - and my other option, an Orange dongel, seems no be able to provide me with much of a connection except in the middle of the night when i'm too knackered to think of anything to write.
The other reasons are more personal or work related -the main ones being not having access to my personal email at work, and me being too tired to do anything by the time I arrive home some time around 8/10 pm. On top of that my annual sinus issues have returned and aren't going anywhere, so I'm not sleeping properly either.
At work my company are scrapping their ISO14001 commitment and moving over to a bespoke management system which should be as tight or tighter than 14001. So we're in a confusing state of transition. Again. At the same time I need to advise people - which means second guessing where our parent organisation will need us to be in a year or two years' time. In general this is not a problem as things will be broadly the same, however the specifics are awkward so I have to keep emphasising that nothing is to change until we hear that things have changed, though also try to be honest that things are likely to change so be ready. How? Don't know.
I've now delivered my first ever presentation to a group of managers. I did it with a blocked up nose sounding like a working class low brow Melvin Bragg. I got a snort of derision from one guy when I mentioned climate change, but didn't rise to it.

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