Wednesday, July 21, 2010

originally posted on Angels - a forum for trans people

Hi - I'm new on Angels Forum. I too took part in the Great Drag Race on Saturday. I left my house in south east London dressed as Lizzie - black tiered dress, lace tights, and high heel boots, with a yellow trench coat on over the top - full "au naturelle" make up and a pair of shades as I'm not too hot with putting the eye make-up on yet.

It was at first nerve racking having never been out in daylight dressed before. It was a bit windy too - so had the double hazard of wig blowing off and skirt blowing up - especially going across London Bridge where I had to hold onto it like a hat - not a good look.

Anyway - walked to my local station - not too many people about. Got some looks from the few that were about, though no comments.
Had to cross one main road - and as I got there the traffic cleared and I crossed without having to wait. Passed a woman who completely ignored me. Then to the train station - my confidence building by now - bought a ticket from the machine - thank god for automation! Crossed the bridge and stood on platform - skirt blowing around my lace stockinged legs. On the train I sat hid in a corner and buried my face in a paperback. Maybe I was worrying too much.

Then came the really stressful bit - for me - getting off at London Bridge - loads of people about even on a Saturday - I think I got outed by a dwarf with a megaphone when I walked past London dungeon...which made me smile.

I was going to walk to Liverpool Street but the crowds of tourists got to me so I dived onto the Central Line....only one stop...then got off at Liverpool street - bought ticket - got on train to London Fields. It was all starting to feel astonishingly normal.

More relaxed on this train . Sat at back with back to other passengers - a group of older people who seem not to have noticed me at all. Checked myself in the window reflection - I was worried about the affect the wind and the heat on the tube which was causing me to sweat a little was having on my look. But appeared to be fine.

Then I was at Hackney - found a park bench as I was early for event and sat and watched. Most people who passed me looked at me - I had my shades on so I'm guessing they weren't sure where I was looking. At one point all the council park workers came and stood next to me and talked about their jobs - one guy looked at me a couple of times.

Then the event started - I registered. Realised that I'd forgotten to get cash and had to walk up Hackney high Street to get cash - joined queue with about 10 people in it. black girl in front of me kept looking at me....but noone else seemed to care.

Then I started getting complements.Women told me how good I looked. I was worried it was too good. Most of the guys there had gone for the full on drag look and hadn't even shaved. I'd shaved everything off even the arm hair...and my legs even though I never actually got them out on the day. I only saw one other guy who'd gone for the natural look as I had - and that was - guess who?

I did switch to trainers for the run. Didn't exactly exceed at the running I'm afraid - but at least I tried....the blisters prove that. I'm going to get fit for next year.

Then I spent the next hour or two wandering around still in my dress and wig, drinking beer, and allowing myself to be complemented by lovely ladies.

Some guys wore their dresses to the pub but I didn;t want to seem too keen in case someone sussed me - I think some did anyway - women can be very perceptive. Now I wish I'd gone all the way and kept it on right till the end.

But I will be back next year - in the meantime Lizzie's going to get out more - and at next year's Gt Drag Race I might just camp it up a bit.

My fund-raising website is going to stay up till next year - gradually putting a few piccies up there. ... orgythecat

Anyway - I am still very excited about Lizzie being out and about and resolute that she's staying out and about from now on.

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