Saturday, July 03, 2010

This Week

Thank God the football crap is over - I know there's still matches and that - but all the England nonsense is over. We should do what Nigeria has done - suspend the team for being useless...though not for a mere two years. I reckon if we were ever going to make a come back as a footballing nation we would have done it by now. better to concentrate on something else I reckon, like making solar panels or windfarms. Engineers could be the new over paid pin ups - which would be fairer as girls can be engineers.

I started the week as a healthy confident human being and ended it as a physical and mental wreck. On Wednesday - early into work for a change - a fat bald violent tosser jumped out of his car in Bermondsey, pushed me off my bike, kicked the bike and then punched me in the face.

I reported it to the police and got taken to a walk in centre at whitechapel. I have to say that the policeman and all the medical people - espeically the ambulance crew - were all absolutely marvellous. The motorbike copper did try to find the guy after he'd driven off with his young daughter but my description was a bit out. it did all come back to me but too late for the initial search...though as a witness saw his number plate - the police do know where he lives.

I had a great chat with the ambulance people - didn;t get their names - but they bent over backwards to see I got treatment, and quickly. I guess they were concerned I might be concussed. Don't think I was - though I was a bit stunned.

Received 5 stitches from lovely nurse and then cycled into work as if nothing happened.

It was the next day I really started to feel it. I just felt groggy, and a throbbing unrelenting pain kept up. My face is still all puffed up so I can barely eat. Only beer makes everything OK. Really worried this weekend that the swelling will get out of control though if anything it's slightly better for first time this morning.

While I am getting some funny looks no-one I know is mentioning it - even though it is pretty bloody obvious.

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