Saturday, July 10, 2010

This Week

Some really good news - at least for now - BBC6Music appears to have been saved. So I can listen now without that nagging feeling of depression in the back of my mind, wondering how long I have before this, one of my last great pleasures in life, finally disappears for ever. If the BBC is serious about making it's legacy of unmatched archive material public, then it will need 6Music as one of its outlest - BBC4 on tv and 6Music on the radio.

More fox related hysteria

I wonder how far down the league table of risks to children foxes really sit - somewhere near the bottom, under cars, own parents, electricity, gas, kettles, stairs, friends, shoe laces, plastic toys and undercooked food, I would have thought - so I would stamp out all those others before thinking about foxes.
And now about me...

My face went almost back to normal this week. I had to see the dentist on Thursday as the infection seemed to have spread to the area around a tooth that partially cracked a while back.

I was in agony three nights running - why does tooth pain kick in at night - the misery zone for me was midnight to about 3/4 am. then I was fine by about 8/9 am except for lack of sleep. Boss is understanding though and is letting me come in any old time. Now on anti-biotics, but still feel groggy. Appointment for having tooth out is still over a week away.

Only response from my police complaint so far is a letter confirming my intial report and a call from a victim of crime counsellor. Now if there are cuts to be made surely we can start with these useless tossers. I'm sure that in quite serious cases they can be helpful but I've had them call me up after reporting minor burglaries and the theft of my bicycle. Yes you can help by finding my fucking bike - short of that - piss off and get a real job!!!

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