Monday, October 25, 2010

Enjoyable visit to the badger exclusion location this afternoon - met up with one of my female colleagues, and we chatted all the way back to Marylebone Station.

Over weekend I spent thinking too much about the past and getting upset.

cycled in today - bit cold but sunny. Listening to Dazzle Ships and Dare. Just realised what a great song "Open Your Heart" is. still sends shivers down my spine.

Put in some info for the biodiversity session in two days time though I do not intend to be there.

some sort of incident by st Pauls today - a chemical spill apparently with one person taken to hospital. Sounds dodgy to me - maybe its the start of a zombie outbreak. I'd better get tooled up.

Rogue State America - video

24 hours in Iraq

order to torture

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