Saturday, October 23, 2010

Week's over and I'm shattered. Only managed two days of cycling this week, but it was good to be back on the saddle. Shattered because - partly stress of being told I might be out of a job second winter running; and partly becasue of Wednesday which started extra early - 5am alarm - so I could get to Rickmansworth by 9.00 am. At Rickmansworth I had to brief management on the correct procedure for ensuring noise control, and then out to the lineside location where badgers have been tunneling under the railway.

Finally, finally! The day has arrived for me to install the gates - setting them to one way only - and putting in enough infrastructure to ensure that the little stripey bastards* can't get back in. It's all legal by the way - I have a license issued by Natural england for this work.

It was hard work. I had a guy doing the physical work for me - and I assisted him as best I could, while also giving him direction, and supervising him. The setts are halfway up a steep embankment so it was hard-work just keeping standing. By end of afternoon we had three gates in place. Had to go back on Thursday for the last one, and then again Friday for the first inspection.

And after installing the three gates, I had to be back at the office for a little admin catch up followed by a visit to our depot near Earls Court for a two hour class on Track - or P-Way (permanent way). The first class was an overview.

* meant affectionately of course.

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