Tuesday, May 22, 2012

To the motorist who demanded I say thankyou on Saturday

You stopped when I was standing waiting for a gap in the traffic where for three years I have struggled to cross the road. Where a car park and a rat run route all feed in to the main road and where there is usually a pretty solid and relentless flow of traffic. In the past I have dashed across in a gap only to have drivers actually speed up,  to all intents and purposes, try to run me over. I have received threats fro just trying to get across the road where, incidentally,  there is no available crossing.
You stopped to let me cross when I was not expecting anyone to stop because in three years noone has ever stopped to let ne cross.
I was looking the other way because as the flow was relentless in both directions I needed a gap on the other direction too before I could cross. You stopped. I wasn't looking. You got angry and beeped and frightened the shit out of me.
So I crossed. I probably wouldn't have crossed right then if you hadn't harrassed me into crossing right then.
As I crossed you shouted "a thankyou would be nice".
Ok heres your fucking thankyou!

Thankyou for the pollution that has so penetrated my lungs that for the long periods I haven't been able to ride a bike or stop coughing for nearly two years.

Thankyou for the constant noise which, even inside my house, causes me a high level of stress.

Thanks for me being run over several times with complete disinterest from police while the drivers leave the scene without even asking me if I'm ok.

Thanks for the abuse I get while trying to ride my bike anywhere.

Thanks for all the hours I've spent waiting to cross roads, the times drivers have driven at me to "teach me" about where peds and cyclists fit on the road user food chain.

Thanks for the hours my bus has been held up.

Thanks for the tax I've paid to supplement your right to drive.

Thanks! Really fucking thanks. I'm so fucking grateful that you've seen fit to stop to let me cross my own fucking road so I cam get to the railway station. And with such fucking grace as well! I thought you were going to get out and hit me at one point! Ever heard of doing something good for the sake of doing it? Ever thought that doing something good might be reward in its self? do you really need the people around you to express sincere gratitude for the most minor of positive acts? How many motorists do you think say thanks when a cyclist or a pedestrian stops to give way? Most people deny cyclists ever give way and then rant about red lights and pavements! So - not many - in case you're interested.

Hope that's the thankyou you were expecting?

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