Tuesday, September 24, 2013

bar wotever

another trip out this evening. Nights out are getting scarce again. Tonight its Tuesday, so its Bar Wotever. It was the usual change in the shower room at work and walk the gauntlet of the cleaners and security guards to get out of the building. I decided to wear my most recent boots purchase - tan coloured, thigh high, flat boots. Rather nice, i thought, with a short skirt.

Met up with a trans friend of mine, who i first saw as a female - me and him - and in typical trans style we faced off, checked each other out, and then studiously ignored each other for the rest of the evening. Next, I met her at the drab drinks near Waterloo where we were both in male guise. We've met up again a couple of times since then and she was dressed in DRAB - though very smartly in DRAB I must say, and i was dragged up both times, as is increasingly my wont. 

Also met a couple of his friends. Lesbians, though not a couple, work colleagues. Carpenters. Nice people, and yet again, Bar wotever worked its magic, and we swapped contact details.

Travelling home was my least remarkable journey yet. Never even noticed a single person lookibng at me askance, though i was paying much less attention to what peeps were looking at and much more to just being me and enjoying being me! Then i got hime and took these pics - posted above. 

the only problem i had were my boots - they wouldn't stay up my legs and kept dropping down. That's cheap boots for you!!!

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