Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sexy Photo Shoot

After getting some very postive responses from my selfies online, largely from men who didn't even bother reading my biog that points out my transgendered status, i decided to see if i could produce pics that were a bit racier than my normal style. The extremely rude ones are not here, but i might provide them on request. If you're nice to me. 


in underwear

starting to get in the swing of things
 I've had this dress for two years and I never ever thought it would fit me. I kept it as some sort of incentive to lose weight. now it fits!!
a bit rude
 This was an accident. I pointed the camera up too far.. but i like it. it objectifies me somewhat...

I lifted my skirt up for this one, but how else was i going to show my lacy knickers? I still think its quite tasteful.

 OK - no skirt in this one at all!!!

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