Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Bar Wotever and flowery dress

When I bought this dress in 2009 the last thing I thought would happen would be me wearing it out to a bar in famous that London. for a start i was too fat to get into it comfortably. But also I was still very much locked into my secret dressing period. 

But tonight, I put on the dress and slinked out of work, walking out through the grounds of Westminster Abbey, past Parliament and eventually crossing over the river towards Vauxhall, and the royal Vauxhall Tavern. There was once a time when being out in a dress would have made me impossibly self- concsious, but not now. Within an hour or so I forget I'm even wearing one, except for sitting down and every now and again I regress and try to find ,my jeans pocket :-p  

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