Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Now I am Stella!!

Last weekend I travelled to my home town, and where my family mostly still live, in order that I break the news of my gender transitioning to my parents.

My sister came along for moral support. We were sitting at the table ready to break the news, I was prevaricating, obviously nervous, and my mum kept getting up to do stuff, like make tea. My sister threw me a couple of looks as if to say, what the hell is going on here!! So i bit the bullet, while my mum was in the kitchen i went out there and told her.

In the end my mother decided that it would be best if my Dad did not find out for now. She implied she would broach the subject herself at some point, but now I'm left with distinct impression that she is hoping he may never have to know. She herself is absolutely fine about it and I kind of wish I'd told her years ago.

I was warned off turning up at my sister's wedding next year as Stella. Sadly. It will turn, for me, what could have been a true celebration and a fun event into a rather trying episode that I'll just need to get through. Hopefully it'll be the last ever time I have to wear a man suit. I still have mine so as long as it fits me next September I'll be OK.

Of course I might make my excuses and not turn up.

Anyway - my mission to be out and proud as a trans-woman called Stella is almost complete. The three legs of trans sustainability have been completed... getting work support... getting support from friends and now getting support from family. the next step is actual transition. I feel I'm approaching this in exactly the right way though, having established myself so thoroughly as Stella, the arbitrary rule of insisting that transgendered people live for two years as their true gender but BEFORE they are allowed to have any treatment might not seem so harsh.

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