Tuesday, October 29, 2013

bar wotever.. long black coat

Another trip to Bar wotever now.. starting to feel I'm part of it all now. I am being noticed - i can see people looking at me and it's not feeling so weird now, I'm a lot less self conscious and making more of an effort to look like someone worth looking at too. Tonight I wore my long asymetrical grey skirt which is so flattering its not true, and makes me walk the way women should! I teamed it with high heeled court shoes and a simple black tee shirt top, and my long black gothy coat. It was all worth it when a young woman came up to me, demanded a twirl and told me I looked spectacular. 

Also, upon leaving work, I bumped into one  of our female managers in TfL. Because we often worked late in the same office she was aware of my "feminine" side, so when I came out she wasn't too surprised. She was standing on the platform at St James' Park and I said hello. We chatted on the way to Victoria... felt so normal! 

On the negative side, there was a door charge which i wasn;t expecting so I had only a few quid left for one drink.. but that's probably positive.. i should drink less. Also it was extremely crowded in there tonight and i ended up standing at the end of the bar near the toilets, and once the acts had finished i made a move! 

one of tonight's acts - a dancer

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