Friday, November 03, 2006

scooby do soup

actually - it wasn't so nice. The soup was watery - and the lumps of pasta were not very much like pasta. They were more like small tasteless dumplings.
I only bought it because it seemed like a good joke when I was in the co-op on Sunday with S. when she pointed out it was half price - would I like it? I said yes! And we laughed. I wasn;t laughing while I ate it today.
Oxford eh? What's that all about? We went to see "Scanner Darkly" in the most run down cinema I ever sat in - including the old Brixton Ritzy. It was just off Cowley Road - famous apparently - famous for being "edgy", "arty", "diverse" etc. And it probably is for Oxford.
There were lots of people - middle class students, many in fancy dress - quite a few blokes in drag I noticed, I was never aware that that was a Halloween tradition. There were also plenty of proper Oxford people around - especially in the Hobgoblin pub where we had a drink. Two girls came in dressed, apparently, as French tarts (S said) except they weren't. We quickly realised they just in their normal clothing - it was the beret, with a tight skirt and heels that gave us our intial impression.
We had a drink, squeezed in a pretty decent Indian meal, and then took our seats in the flea pit. And flea pit it was. It stank, the seats were extremely uncomfortable, the decor was a la abandoned ware-house.
Film wasn;t bad though.
The wobbly ride home on the bikes was good too.

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