Friday, November 10, 2006

Barbaric punishment

So Saddam is to be hanged. Will that make everyone feel better? Or does it mean that we're as bad as Saddam? I noticed that Blair couldn't bring himself to condemn the sentence even though the UK and the Labour Party officially oppose the death sentence.
I'm guessing that as well as being popular in the USA - the hanging of Saddam will mean that he has been silenced for ever. If he lived, then there's no telling what secrets he might reveal. Secrets that the US and the UK don't want the public to hear - how they maneuvred Saddam into power, supported his regime, failed to challenge his atrocities, and finally used him as a scapegoat when it was convenient.
I'm against hanging which is a pity - as sometimes I feel it is the only fate that Blair and
Bush deserve

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