Thursday, April 03, 2008

blackcurrent way

We've got spring weather now. There are sporadic clouds with intermittent bright sunshine, though not especially warm in the shade.

I'm making a gigantic effort to become organised. I'm trying to go as paperless as possible with scanned copies of my paperwork going onto my computer, though I reckon I should make it a bit more secure than that at some point. I am going to back it up at the weekend though.

The mayoral elections are concerning me at the moment. Is Ken going to lose? I worry that he might. I feel he needs one more term to cement the improvements he's made, especially in transport. And I'm concerned that without Livingstone overseeing Metronet's return to TfL the company's employees might just find themselves shafted. Boris's latest idiot idea is to ban the drinking of alcohol on the underground. He claims it will make things safer on the tube, which is one of the safest places in London, so I'm not sure what difference it is really going to make. Or how this is going to be enforced, to be honest. I don't think Boris will have their best wishes at heart. So - get out and vote for Ken. I know I will.

I'm pleased to hear that the tube strike scheduled for next week has been called off though - I wasn't too sure what the RMT was attemtping to acheive with this strike.

I hit my deadline at work yesterday. Auditors had required that we put something in place to ensure our environmental training programme was being monitored. so I did that yesterday. It's a little spreadsheet with calculations on it and it just needs to be regularly updated and once a month reviewed by our top management.

I noticed this gargoyle on our local church this morning. It's a pretty evil looking beast. I was trying to work out if it was a dog or a cat.

The church itself - picture taken today:

I need to sort out Brer MP3 player today. I've had the same stuff on it for weeks. All of it good, but I need a change. It consists mainly of 1930s Country music, a 1980s Laibach album, and a double Mudhoney compilation, with a fine dusting of classics and old faves. Here's a picture of it - held together by sellotape - I've had it for over two years now and it still works fine.

Today's Lunch, and wasn't it just tasty!

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