Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Strawberry Fields

Today I'm back at work and there's a pretty important deadline, one which I'd be a fool to not take seriously. Despite that today I blog.

I've got a terrible hacking cough today - must be annoying everyone in the office. Probably will go down for some medication soon.

Today I am mainly listening to Mudhoney's "March To Fuzz" - a best of / rarities compliation I bought some time last year. I saw Mudhoney whyen they reformed a year or two ago and it was like time stood still - a dynamic performance.

Today's lunch:

I've decided to read all of Charles Dickens's novels in the order they were written. I don't know how long this will take me. I'm currently about half way through the "Pickwick Papers" and enjoying it - its even laugh out loud in places - I didn't expect that.

I have quite a few of the required books in my possession but will need to purchase some. I though I had "Oliver Twist" (the next book) in the bag until I opened it up the other day. It was a German language version!

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