Monday, April 07, 2008

Free Tibet

After crawling out of bed yesterday S put the telly on and we watched the protests against the Olympic flame on its way to China. I was very pleased to see that the numbers of protesters seemed to be very good, and the protests were very effective. No one tuning in to watch the ceremony would fail to pick up on what was going on in Tibet. The arguments for not bringing politics into sport were all pretty simple minded and went sort of like - uh, Olympics brings the whole world together and lots of people watch, and if the Olympics could change things, tha'd be good wouldn't it? I think it was the former Blue Peter presenter that said something like this.

China condemned the protests today, and in Paris, the organisers finally had to abandon the whole event. The flame even went out at some point.

I wrote upthe findings of my most recent audit today and sent them out to the relevent people. I'm not sure it's going to please anyone. I've already got into trouble once this year for being too honest.

Oh yeah - and it snowed yesterday.

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