Monday, September 08, 2008

catch up

I'm currently single again having been thrown out by my wife again, and sleeping on a friend's floor so I can get cash together to rent a room of my own. I'm considering the deepest south of the Northern Line at the moment, as it is an area I like, and am familiar with, and I'll be near my friend - may need the ongoing support.
Got in touch with another friend last week - someone else who once had the hots for my wife and purused her for a time. We went and saw a country act called Elizabeth Scott. She was acompanied by her accomplished singer song-writer husband on geetar.
I'll be back to write a review soon I hope. The gig was so good I bought the album.
Picked up my ongoing interest in researching the family tree and am now sharing info with the family who all seem quite interested. Now I need to patch it all together in a form that the family can read and understand easily.
Been watching some movies lately - Dark Crystal, Cold Sweat, Brothers Grimm, Time Machine (remake), Coffee and Cigarettes, Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
Have a little DVD player - hand-held gadget thing - allows me to get a film in most days during lunch or while travelling.
After my cycle tour I've given cycling a bit of a rest - but started back on the bike today.
For a while now have been going to regular pub quix where between 10 and 20 teams tend to enter. We came 4th yesterday - only about 5 points off the leader. Previously we have come 6th and 3rd. Our disadvantage is that there are only two of us in the team, and most of our competitors have 4 to 6 in theirs. And we know bugger all about sport!

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