Thursday, September 04, 2008

some news...

Soldiers refused service at a Hotel

I've left a comment on the BBC site that this is fair comment in a country where the government went ahead with an illegal war despite almost universal public opposition. As far as I remember only the poor deluded who believed the fairy stories about Bin Laden's evil mountain HQ were in support of this war.

The only legal thing for a soldier to do when faced with orders to perform illegal acts is to refuse those orders. I believe this was established at Nuremburg after WW2.

I went on to look at crime-obsessed Boris Johnson's new map of London. It shows levels of "serious" crimes in boroughs and wards across London. By serious they mean muggings, robberies, rapes and - pause for comic effect - car crimes. So for middle England having your car nicked is like being raped. Great. Anyway, since these figures are all bundled together you really know what they mean. They're useless, basically. I don't own a car, so it having my car nicked doesn't worry me.

I worry more about getting my bike nicked, but this map doesn't help there.

I also worry about being attacked (slightly) but the only thing I can definitely glean from this map is that walking alone in the middle of a large council estate is probably increasing my risk of being attacked. Hard luck if that's where you live.

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