Friday, September 05, 2008

Blunkett - What a C**t

Arch bastard David Blunkett making more ill thought out hate filled comments – now, "Older people should carry on working as long as they are physically capable". What a c**t!

"In a speech to the Counsel and Care charity in London he said it should not be assumed the government had "prime responsibility" to support the elderly. " You start to wonder what he thinks the government does have responsibility for. What do we have governments for? Starting wars? Spying on its population? Preventing dissent? It does appear that way.

Blunkett also said people should use equity release schemes to raise money from their homes to pay for care.

Right in the middle of the credit crunch this twat has learned nothing. The last I want to be when I'm 97 is mortgaged up to the eyeballs. A nice legacy to leave my niece and nephew eh?

"My presumption is this. That all of us, every one of us who is capable of doing so, should aspire to continue with some meaningful activity to the point of our incapacity overtaking us.

Meaningful activity presumably means meaningful to the state and to the corporations. No chance that you could enjoy yourself at any point, develop a hobby, travel, read, create, spend time with your family, look after grandkids, etc. No – if you aren't paying tax then you're a burden.

Mr Blunkett said £700bn was tied up in home ownership by those who had retired.

Tied up – how? That money is handed over to the seller who then puts it in the bank, or buys something with it. It's not tied up. There's no actual money there at all, just a pile of bricks and mortar that the owner would like to live in. But no – the government want your homes now too, no chance that you might leave it to your children.

"In our endeavour to protect people's inheritance, have we not made enough of, and are we not clear enough about, the release of equity from the enormous home ownership that exists in Britain and the divide of those with and without assets which this trend has accelerated?" he said.

If he's concerned about homeownership then maybe now is the time to resurrect the public housing sector  - and I don't mean corrupt Housing Associations.

"I'm suggesting that part-time work - often a different kind of job - is one way firstly of sustaining people but secondly of people remaining active," he said.

Shelf stacking it is then!

"Why should someone who's not saved, who's not put money by, expect those who have to sustain them to do so not just in working life but in retirement as well."

Maybe paying taxes and NI all your life might entitle you to something back. Bastard!

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