Wednesday, September 24, 2008

about town

Took a day off work today. I had to collect my bike from Edwardes in Camberwell wher eit had been fitted with a new block and chain. Riding it into London felt good. I've found cycling to be pretty depressing lately what with my own health problems - back and knees seem to be giving out, and with blocked up sinuses, headaches, and terrible stomach problems - have left me preferring to take the tube of late.
I think I might have slightly buggered myself up a bit by cycling 250 miles in 4 days in the summer. I defintely buggered the bike up.
And there's the stress as well - which I'm sure accounts for some of my problems.
Anyway - back on the bike today and it felt good. I'd already said that. Cycled up to Baker Street and went into my office to have a shower and pick up a few bits from my desk, before then heading down to the Prince Charles cinema to see "Midnight Kiss" for £1.50.
MK is an indie film made in Hollywood, set in Hollywood, about a writer trying to forge a career in LA - who has a run of bad luck culminating in depression and despondence. His friend - who he's living with puts encourages him to place an ad on an internet social networking site for a date. He gets a call, a woman who arranges to meet him for 5 minutes to see if he's up to her standards.  
It's funny and moving - very cheaply made I guess - entirely using unkown actors - but it was all great - script, direction, soundtrack and acting - perfect. Nine out of ten.
Also listening to - new Stereolab album, latest Brian Wilson, and a cover version of the Abbey Road album by Booker T & The MGs.

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