Tuesday, February 17, 2009

blocked from my own blog

Well, the obstacles between me and getting some decent blogging done keep coming at me. The latest is the fact that my employer has seen fit to block access to blogger sites.
This prevents me from editing content during my lunch hour or after work, and I won;t be able to upload photographs either.
Well, I've moved offices again. Now I'm based at Holborn, and suspect I won't be here for very long. Looks like I almost certainly have a job after the big reorganisation that's about to start though will have to attend an interview to get it.
I'm on anti-biotics for my sinus problems which is stopping me from sleeping properly as I can't breathe through my nose. One week of taking them and there isn;t much difference - so will have to go back tot he doctor on thursday and probably bay another extortionate £7 something for the privelege.
The bike has been out of service for a week. As I fix one thing another thing goes wrong. Now my back brake is broken - the spring seems to be mal-functioning - the one that keeps the brake off the wheel. So I've had to detach the whole thing until I can get a replacement. My front gear isns't working - so my 18 speed now only has 6 speeds. And last night I fixed the third in a series (or three, hopefully) of punctures in my back tyre.
I cycled in today - and it didn;t precipitate either - so there is every chance I will cycle in tomorrow too - if my right knee holds out that is.
Attended a Bexley Cyclists meeting last Tuesday - there were four of us and I took on the task of organising some nice cycle rides into the countryside.
Tonight I attend a Friends of the Earth meeting.

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