Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Viewing and that

Last Friday I saw the new (I say new but it was made in 2007!) film by Bruce Campbell - My Name Is Bruce. It was a lot of fun. Very funny for fans of Bruce's work. I wrote review on Lovefilm so I won't go on here.

Watched "Ghost World" on DVD last night. Based on the comic and graphic novel. I loved it. I laughed plenty and had massive empathy with the character Enid. Considering Enid is based on the nearly 40 creator of the comic (her name Enid Coleslaw is an anagram of his) that's probably not surprising. By the end of the film, as her friend Rebecca settles down in a "normal" appartment with a "normal" job Enid realises she is destined to always be different and takes off out of town. Steve Buscemi is in it too, and I like him a lot.

Speaking of different I was very taken with Mozza's interview on R2 last week. Apart from the disapointment of not being selected to get free tickets to see him at the BBC Theatre, I listened enthralled as Mozza discussed the pointlessness of band re-unions and the wretchedness of music awards. Funnily enough the comments on awards were echoed a few days later by Terry Gilliam being interviewed on 5 Live's Mark Kermode podcast. It's no coincidence that I consider both Morrissey and Gilliam to be among the very greatest in their respective fields.

Thursday night found me at a South East London Folklore Group meeting which consisted of a guided walk around the London Pool - Tower Bridge, London Bridge, and all points in between. Quite taken with the idea that there might be a polar bear ghost swimming baout in the Thames, especially on Thursday when it snowed hard enough for snowball fights when I got off the train at Bexleyheath.

I've also got some new music - I splashed out to the tune of £30 in a local record store. Bought Tom Waits - Blood Money
Ultravox - Vienna and the debut Ultravox!
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks
Kernickie - At The Club
Iggy & The Stooges - Funhouse
Gwen Steffani - Sweet Escape

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