Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's Snow Disco

In common with a lot of people in the South of England, I couldn't get into work yesterday. Unlike a lot of other people - I tried!! I left the house before 8.00 and walked to Bexleyheath station. Passed some old duffer at the bus-stop - thought I'd do a good turn and let him know all the buses have been cancelled today. He didn;t believe me! This despite the fact that clearly no buses were to be seen - which never normally happens.

I was turned away from the station (above) - immediately texted work to take leave (my boss wouldn't accept this saying that as far as he's concerned I was working at home). Well I'm the only one from the team to have made it in today - so I deserve something!

Later - had a bit of a walk in Danson Park 5 minutes from home. It was full of kids - not photographed in case of accusations of peadophilia - making big snow balls and snow persons of indeterminate gender.

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