Sunday, February 01, 2009

Well Hello Mr Fancy Pants

My Name Is Bruce on DVD (2007)
Starring: Adam Boyd, Bruce Campbell, Mike Estes
Director: Bruce Campbell
I'm a big fan of the Evil Dead trilogy. The second one was best of course, but number three has a place in my heart. It features an extremely funny Bruce Campbell doing Three stooges slapstick.

This is the Bruce Campbell you get here - one that will not take himself the least bit seriously. In this film he paints himself as a washed up B-Movie loser that he clearly isn't. Irritated by his fans and washed up in a career that finally leaves him starring in a terrible franchise called Cave Alien.

Meanwhile - the world's biggest Campbell fan - a kid in a little hick town called Goldlick - accidentally releases a violent Chinese god which proceeds to terorrise the town to avenge the death of Chinese workers in a mine tragedy over a hundred years before.

For Evil Dead fans there are plenty of in-jokes, some good, some lame; however, Campbell's good humoured and self deprecating performance carries the whole thing along beautifully. You get a generous serving of Ted Raimi too - Sam's less famous brother who mainly played deadites in Evil Dead, playing an assortment of odd characters in this. I laughed out loud at least half a dozen times. Which is good for me.

Forget JCVD - see this instead.

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