Monday, May 18, 2009

Another dead cyclist

I passed through this spot on Friday evening. It's shocking to think that a cyclist who I may have passed on numerous occasions was killed suddenly and in such a casual manner.

I recognised this spot as a dangerous point on my journey – lorries often do not indicate, put themselves in the wrong, and take the junction far too fast. As a result I place myself in the centre of the lane, ensuring that the vehicle behind me stays behind me, signalling clearly, staying very aware of the positions of the vehicles around me. And still there's often some bugger who tries to overtake me when it's not safe. Or there's a motorist who gets arsey about my need to take the lane, maintain space, and be safe.

Now Greenwich have placed a white bicycle at the scene of this woman's death. It will at least serve as a warning to other road users. While her death may not be in vain, it was certainly unnecessary.

Police were called on Friday evening May 15 to the junction of Woolwich Road and the Kent-bound A102(M) in Greenwich following a collision between a lorry and a female pedal cyclist, a police spokesman said.

London Ambulance Service attended. The woman was pronounced dead at the scene. Police had not yet been able to establish her identity.

The lorry did not stop at the scene. It is described as having blue material (e.g. canvas, or plastic sheeting) on its side. Anyone who witnessed the collision or has information that may assist police should call the Collision Investigation Unit at Catford Traffic Garage on 020 8285 1574.


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