Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Brown's Record on Transparency and Truth

Iraq: we may get the truth yet

2 May 2009: Chris Ames: Evidence that Gordon Brown's power is slipping offers hope that ministers' plans for a secret inquiry may yet be thwarted


Dirty tricks on a dodgy Iraq dossier

27 Apr 2009: Chris Ames: Jack Straw misrepresented the arms inspector Hans Blix to defend the Iraq dossier and must not be involved in a war inquiry


Getting to the truth about Iraq

26 Mar 2009:

Chris Ames: If the government thinks a secret inquiry into the Iraq war will restore public confidence, it's very wrong


Will withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq pave way for full inquiry?

Guardian Politics Blog, 24th March 2009


The dossier was dodgy. Is there any doubt?

13 Mar 2009:

Chris Ames: The Cabinet Office has released more papers showing how the 2002 WMD dossier was 'sexed-up' against the wishes of experts


Cabinet Office papers reveal Iraq dossier fears

13 Mar 2009:

Documents disclosed after four years of government objections and delays, and reflect the concern of intelligence officials


The Act that Jack wrecked

24 Feb 2009:

Chris Ames: By vetoing release of Iraq war cabinet minutes, Jack Straw has flouted freedom of information – and ruined his own credibility


The truth, minute by minute

27 Jan 2009:

Chris Ames: Efforts to suppress cabinet notes on the decision to go to war in Iraq only feed the impression that there is something to hide


What is Brown afraid of?

19 Dec 2008:

Chris Ames: The prime minister's dithering over an Iraq inquiry will ensure that any political fallout comes after the next election


Publish and be damned

The government must reveal the notes of the meetings where the cabinet discussed the legality of war in Iraq

Chris Ames, guardian, Friday 28 November 2008


Dragging out the truth, bit by bit

The government may not want us to know what happened with that sexed-up Iraq dossier, but we'll find out eventually

Chris Ames, guardian, Saturday 6 September 2008


Cabinet Office ordered to release secret memos on Iraq dossier

By James Macintyre, Political Correspondent


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