Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What's It All about?

It was no surprise to me that this story should come from The Daily Telegraph, widely held to be the mouthpiece of the British intelligence community. This is a clear case of the old establishment attempting to destroy the credibility of parliament. Clearly a worrying development coming along at the same time as the police are broadening their powers to stop demonstrators and "anarchists" using anti-terrorist legislation, and with the Database State just around the corner.
How long before people start to ask for a military government to step in? It happens in South America, and it nearly happened here in the mid-70s.
I'm astonished that noone is asking the crucial question: who leaked the information that the Telegraph is publishing and what was their intention?
Don;t get me wrong - I'm against those MPs who have been behaving like greedy little piggies at the food trough - but the media seem insistent on tarring all MPs with the greedy bastard brush.
Finally though I'd like to point out the difference in attitude towards fiddling MPs and struggling low-earners, and people on benefit, who are generally demonised and sent to jail, with no chance to apologise or pay the money back, and all over relatively tiny amounts of money - not the tens of thousands that MPs have been pocketting for decades. Although this point seems sadly absent from the media, and I've not seen any MPs pointing it out either.

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