Thursday, May 06, 2010

Dartmoor One

I set off from Plymouth at 10 am and headed up the Sustrans path from Marsh Mills to Clearbrook. The weather outlook was poor, it was that sort of relentless drizzle that wears down the most hardened cyclists eventually. The path to Clearbrook is a professional job - very well executed, smooth, very pleasent to cycle along.

Princetown - French kids. I bought a map "Dartmoor and Surrounding Area for cyclists".

I took a wrong turn after Princetown and ended up heading towards Dartmeet. I could have turned back but instead decided to take off on an off-road route marked as difficult on the map.

Paths had eroded quite badly - I'm not sure that even the most experienced mountain biker could have passed along much of this path. After carrying the bike across stepping stones, and waded through a river, trudged through a cow field, I made it back to a tarmac road.

The rain never relented. I kept going - often having to get off and push up the steeper hills in the Chagford area.

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