Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Point Well Made

"The puzzle was that so few had seen it coming. Seemingly every pundit and reporter had spent the day either quacking that the Con-Lib negotiations were looking very positive, or warning that we must avoid upsetting the markets – prompting one esteemed colleague to remark that if we were take this mollycoddling of the markets' obsession with stability to its logical conclusion, perhaps we shouldn't have elections at all."

It has been irking me somewhat, especially that the BBC have been relating every event in this election back to what the markets think as if this doesn't actually scare people into voting for what they know rather than what they want.

Anyone who reads Chomsky will know what happens when the market gets precedence over democracy - read Germany, Italy in the 1930s, Spain until the 1970s, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, any number of neo-Nazi states, some still in existence around the globe, who allowed private profit to come before democratic rights.

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