Saturday, May 08, 2010

Hung Parliament

I suppose I have to comment on this at some point. I've been having lots of thoughts since the election campaign began - none of them easy to resolve or set to paper unfortunately - but to keep things simple - my thought today....
I agree with Tony Benn - my immediate belief is that the Lib Dems cannot do a deal with Cameron that means they stand by and prop him up in power while they slash and burn public services. It will destroy the Lib Dems - and I'm sure they will split down the middle and be effectively finished for a generation - or two.
their only chance is to support Gordon Brown - keep a labour party in power, and by their support ensure that Labour's policies vis a vis the economy, banks, big corporations is a bit more enlightened than it has been since 1997.
The rows going on between Brown and Clegg - raised voices etc. - are presumably because the Lib Dems are asking for a bit too much for a party who came third.
If they get electoral and bank reform - without a massacre being committed against the public sector they should be happy - I know I will be.

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