Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Foxes Attack (The Guardian, 08 Jun 2010, Page 5)

My own feelings are exactly as Terry Nutkins says below (there, I never thought I'd ever be publishing those words!). Foxes do not attack people - so what the feck happened? Years ago when I lived in colliers Wood I regularly discovered that my cats were happily intermingling with the foxes who lived at the bottom of my garden. They never ever attempted to approach me, my wife or my young step daughter when she was left alone in the garden. I once even saw a fox back away when confronted by a kitten. So - the question again - what the feck REALLY happened? This, unfortunately, can only be bad for foxes.

Expert view
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The Guardian
08 Jun 2010

Foxes are treating urban areas as their territory. They don’t differentiate between concrete and a tree, as both are part of their habitat. They are carnivores and opportunist feeders, but they don’t attack humans. I can’t remember a single verified...read more...

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Jim Jepps said...

All the experts are saying this is extremely unlikely. The BBC bloke said he thought it may have been a stray dog that she mistook for a fox - this seems more likely. Or she's a liar - but the police have ruled this out, apparently.