Monday, June 21, 2010

The Great Drag Race

This is me on the left - in my outfit before turning up at the first ever Great Drag Race on London fields, Hackney, for Prostate Cancer Research.

My look - a black dress from Asda, yellow coat from Sainsbury and lacey tights from somewhere else. I turned up "in costume" which was fun - I had one bloke giving me a funny look and practically turned white when I said "right mate" to him.

Though not in the picture I wore black high heel boots to begin with - and they absolutely killed my feet - I can hardly walk now. Then I ran - which made things worse.
This is the world record attempt at dancing in drag - look, you can see me - trying to follow the actions in my own hapless way. I believe that we doubled the old record. but I'm awaiting confirmaiton on that.

Lads turned up en masse - over a hundred and fifty - wearing ladies' clobber:
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