Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Week (only partially complete)

I started the week exhausted. Attempting to run 10km round London fields in a dress and tights on Saturday left me knocked sideways. For someone who hasn't run for about 15 years it was probably a foolhardy challenge to take-up. In the end I just ran the bits where there were lots of spectators, and, confidentially, didn't go the whole distance. I ducked out a couple of laps short - my feet felt absolutely awful. Click on the thumbnail to the left here with caution - but it does show well what I cannot adequately describe. I ended up hobbling home after drinking in the pub until 9pm.
Sunday was recovery day - I could barely walk - and Monday - well I could barely walk then either but my cycling muscles appeared not to have been particularly stretched...and pushing pedals was the one thing I could do with my feet without causing excrutiating pain. I was hobbling about in th office in just socks for most of the afternoon.
The I found out that poor old Frank Sidebottom had died, which put an instant downer on the week....there was that awful and vindictive budget designed to rob the poor to pay the bankers..the week went downhill from there.
Wednesday I had to call the police on a couple of chavs (not a nice word but it surely applies in this case) who tried to run me down in their white van and then threatened violence upon me; Thursday I took the details of a Sainsburys lorry in Charlton which nearly took me out after not respecting my right of way, and finally later I was nearly taken out by a suited gentleman driving at me on the wrong side of the road in Holborn. My friend P had a friend die
on Wednesday in a car crash and a collegue hospitalised on Tuesday in a separate crash.
And it's been hot - I don't do well in this sort of heat. Haven't slept well, felt uncomfortbale at work; but on the positive side I appear to have lost a bit of weight.
Friday I was so exhausted I fell asleep watching "8 legged Freaks" at 6 in the afternoon, and again later watching Mighty Boosh extras. I must have slept for about 14 hours in all.
(picture on right --> not at all related to post, but topical)

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