Monday, June 21, 2010

Frank Sidebottom is Dead, oh yes he is, he really is.

It is with absolute shock that I report the death Britain's greatest ever papier-mache-head-based comedian/musician.
I first became aware of his work in 1985 - a session for Radio One and the release of his first ep. Then the sci-fi ep at Christmas.
I still have my copy of Frank's firm favourites, and it still makes me laugh. Actually Frank was a bit of a git - selfish, lazy and arrogant at times; he had a fearsome temper especially when Little Frank was around; and god knows what he was doing still living with his mum at his age. but through it all he managed to produce unique versions of classic songs especially ones about space and sci fi.
Who can forget his moving version of "Life On Mars" - about the girl with a mouse in her hair - or his better than the original version of "Bohemian Rhapsody". ..better mainly becasue he managed to do the whole thing in less than 2 minutes.

In the 90s I saw him many times at festivals where I think he found a niche filling in for last minute cancellations, which is I think why I ended up seeing him three days running at the 1993 Reading Festival.

His career ground to a halt soon after that - i think it may have been over-exposure. However the last few years saw a comeback, and a new tv show, and for the first time the beginnings of widespread recognition thanks to his now famous former cohorts - Mark Radcliffe, Jon Ronson and Mrs Merton.

He once sang that he didn;t want to die and end up like Anita Dobson. Unfortunately that has now happened. Chris Sievey, the man inside the papier mache head; I hope you rest in peace, oh yes I do, I really do. Thankyou.

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