Friday, September 10, 2010

That was a bad week for me. First the strike on Monday when I was being strongly pushed towards working in a station as strike cover on Monday evening. Three reasons I didn;t want to do this: 1. it's strike-breaking 2. most stations where i could work are the wrong side of the Thames or further into central London than my normal work station, and not somewhere I'd want to be trying to get home from after 10.00 at night; and 3.I needed time to prepare for giving advice to a works manager on how to achieve best practise on noise control, so as to avoid receiving complaints from our neighbours.
Anyway - managed to wriggle out of doing it on Monday but nearly scuppered myself for starting nights as I ended up having to work late on Monday anyway as I went in late expecting to be doing station cover. I should have said no last Friday and stuck to it!

Did the night - in the Kilburn area - and all went very well. The manager there seems very receptive to the ideas I gave him, but feels unsupported. I said I'd see if I could change that.

Then very groggy on Wednesday but managed to get to north east London for another night this time inspecting storage and waste facilities at two depots in the area and then working in the office until first train at 05:15. Nearly falling asleep on train, with only Phil Jupitus podcast keeping me awake at all, and then slept most of the day at home before going back to work on Friday.

Needless to say my temper and ability to function normally was severely frayed, if not, shattered completely. Had a very bad experience travelling home from work on friday evening and still feel a sense of hightened stress and very very tired.

Will go to bed early on Sunday evening and hope for the best on Monday.

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