Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Dream of Zombies

Another dream about zombies last night - or this morning. I dreamt I was with S in our house and we were warned that zombies were attacking. Various people came in to the house, and my dream to make the outside events more real, describing their first hand experiences. We decided that staying indoors was the best approach, though it might leave us vulnerable. Then I decided I needed to go outside for something - and it was something mundane like groceries.

Outside - S came with me - there was surprisingly little going on. I did see someone getting bitten held against the wall by a zombie who was also featsing on his neck, blood spurting against the wall behind. I backed off and kept going.

We took things fairly leisurely considering - always aware that a zombie might arrive at any moment, we were ambling about in the open. found a little tucked away place with a bench and sat down, and this was a really stupid place to hang around in. I had my little Jack Russell with me who tried to wander off, but s grabbed him and pulled him back.

eventually it was my sister, Zombified, who attacked us. she came round the corner and was upon us, hunched over and terrifying, ready to pounce, though slow in the romero idiom. Quite right! I grabbed a poker that was just lying about as did S and we smashed her head in. Or at least I swung the poker at her head and woke up.

Later went back into dream and learned that zombies were being killed faster than they could infect the living. eventually it was safe again though I did see another one and had to rush to get back into my car before calling the police to deal with it.

Wow!! I love zombie dreams, buit this one was just a little too real for comfort, though with a happy ending which was nice.

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