Saturday, May 14, 2011


I spent the afternoon exploring round Thamesmead, helping out on a cycling stall, and taking a small group of kids for a cycle ride round Thamesmead.

I visited Thamesmead for first times in 1986 to start the Green Chain Walk, which took us on a walk all the way to Crystal Palace.

Since then Beautiful Thing was a made, in 90s, and me and S went on an early date to see it. then after Kubrick kicked the proverbial, A Clockwork Orange was released and more recently Misfits is filmed there. There must be some special force around Thamesmead that guarantees that anyhting filmed there will be great. Or maybe we just don't get to see the crap, if any, that was set there.

This horse didn't just like being petted by little girls - s/he was extremely keen for me to stick around too
I nearly broke my back getting my bike over the bike friendly barrier on the Ridgeway

Top left corner - is that a UFO? No! it's a fucking lamp post you fecking eejit!!

Dramatic Skies -the weather was variable:

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