Monday, May 23, 2011

Heavens Knows I'm sociable Now

Feeling very sociable now. I led a 31 miles cycle ride around the Hoo Peninsula yesterday, which consisted of me, 5 women, and one other bloke. We started off gently enough from Gravesend, along the badly maintained NCN route #1 leading out of the town and into the nearby countryside. within minutes we have idyllic looking green fields to the right and marchland to the left. We pass a crowd of shooters about to use the firing range in the marshlands. Eventually we're on the roads, with small hills now, and some wind. but still quite easy riding.
We pass through Cliffe and Cooling. Two quite sharp hills test us but everyone is still riding, even the lady who is a runner, and not so much cyclist. Even me.
A lunchstop at Hallows by the Sea - where the river ends and the sea starts. this little town feels like the end of the wold. Too early for lunch - 12.00 - the landlady in the pub kindly offers to make sandwiches, cheese or beef, for any of us want them. I settle for a pint and my homemade cheese and chorizo roll.
After lunch - we were against the increasingly strong wind, which turns briefly into a storm, with hale stones. We all sheltered behind a small bush.
Within minutes the sun was back out as we ambled into Strood using NCN Route #1 again.
I can see ways to improve this ride now - lovely pub just outside Strood looking over the estuary.
A home I went online, drank a couple of ciders, and fell asleep on my bed at 8 pm. Woke up and it was dark. Woke up a second time and it was light again.
I'd been dreaming abot an intelligent sentient dog. A jack russel. I think I'd been talking to it. Most other details evaporated away as I realised I needed to get up if I was to get to work on time.

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