Saturday, November 19, 2011

Altered States

This entry was originally written before Ken Russell died, however, upon his death i decided to embellish it somewhat to make it into a sort of personal take / tribute on Ken Russell. STILL NOT FINISHED

Here's a film which explores a few Fortean concepts: religion, creation, the nature of humanity and so forth. Funny old film really. It'll take me a while to work out what I think..

I've been having a Ken Russell season lately. sometime ago i searched for Russell's filmography on Lovefilm and put most, if not all, his films onto my rental list. 

so far I've mainly revisited films I'd already seen. it's both astonishing and outrageous that many of Russell's films are still not available on DVD. 

The film story is based on this

Altered States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:,,20078923,00.html

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