Thursday, November 17, 2011

Billy Goat Gruff

Until I went onto Twitter I felt like a lone voice of sanity, on the internet, shouting in the wilderness.

Why is that?

I think internet bulletin boards were the key problem.
Urban75 was abusive -while some good people post on there, the vast majority are middle class or higher, snotty little twats who presumably are now snotty middle aged twats - best part of a deacde since i was there - talking about gardening and how very edgy Brixton is. Fucking yeah - sure it's edgy! I lived there in 1988 and can categorically state that Brixton has been thoroughly gentrified. If you want to see edgy have a poke around Camberwell!
So I fell between the nit-picking pedantic pseudo intellectuals, quite often mummy's boy with shed loads of cash but no perceivable life, who used to give me shit for not being politically active while I was trying to keep a family together in hostile circumstances, and struggling with autism.
These were the sort of tosspots who would squat a property and then let their own house out for high rents. Pretend anarchists. I will name no names!
Pretend working class as well - again - no names. The times that my working class origins got challenged by precious little middle class children was untrue! to them if you work, can speak words of two sylables, undersatnd basic philospohical concepts, have a degree, don't have a "cockney" / northern accent, then you're middle class. Apparently. That'd be news to all the bosh bosh, "loads of money" builders who live in south east London, and thousands of cabbies, teachers, solicitors, bankers, journalists, etc. who pulled themselves up by bootstraps and did genuinely make a success from nothing, with or without support from their parents, but chiefly, only becasue the state made those opportunities available to a wider part of society than just public schoolboys.
I'm digressing big-time here.
Bikeradar was peculiar. Lots of mummy's boys who worked in media / law / technology who were decidedly middle class, or upper middle class,
I got called commie, hippy, all the names under the sun for expressing a pro-scientific understanding of the environment and human society.
"It's worse in Africa" v- bleak house
Cif - a little better, but sometimes i was completely on my own.
"shameful" for wanting to understand reasons behind rioting - clearly economically/ politically driven and unless we understand that worse will happen in the future. Or we could live in an oppresive police state. I suggest anyone who thinks that has a little read about south and central america - even "nice" middle class people were murdered by the state.
Twitter - feel like there's a huge netwrok of like minded - anarchists and socialists i can talk to. The ideas I thought were out there - like maybe we can discuss ideas instead of picking each other up on our spelling - though that does still happen, and thankfully there's a block button. Very handy
Trolls - not just an internet phenomena. They are real people expressing genuine views or prejudices.

They need to be challenged - probably not on the internet, but in the streets, we're not quite living int he Matrix yet - we can all still interact in the real world. Even the opressive Met police haven't stopped that yet - though they are well on their way to doing so.

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