Friday, July 12, 2013

All Out

Told the last of my colleagues about my transgenderism today - and that I'm
intending to change gender.

mostly positive - completely positive in fact...though reactions varied. My male colleague was completely unaware of anything untoward. Had not noticed, even the rather obvious nail varnish of the past few weeks. this despite the fact they I'd waved them under his nose a few times. Nor the "Charlie's Angels" hair. Nor the women's tops I'd been wearing since May.

Two female colleagues said they had already figured out something was going on and the other two were surprised but supportive.

This is an ongoing process which began with my boss and my flatmate back in May and crescendoed when I told my sister in June. now I feel stupid about not doing all this years ago - what a senseless waste of my own life!!!

People tell me I'm happier. I feel happier. I smile more. I talk to people. I feel like Stella even when I'm being Noamy, which helps....

.. and this is all since my trip to Wales in May....the life changing trip to Wales.. now how many people can say that?

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