Tuesday, July 02, 2013

selfie taken in the toilets at work

I did actually wear my new skirt out.. with tights because it wasn't that warm out. I'd never actually been out by myself in a skirt before, so it was a bit nervy.

It felt a bit weird wearing it in the office, but I soon got used to it once I was outside. Got a tube to Victoria, then a tube to Vauxhall.

Sat on a bar stool in the RVT, and found my skirt rode right up to indecent proportions, that as well as the top button on my blouse coming undone...but, again, soon worked out out to deal with these problems.

Later, got a train home and hard to walk right through Waterloo Station. Amazing how the abnormal becomes completely natural. i feel I was hardly noticed, striding through busy central London.

Sat on the train with my skirt right up around my waist virtually. Placed my handbag on my lap and sat there Tweeting and texting till I got to Welling. The short walk back through Welling was as uneventful as I would have wanted it to be.

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