Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Dressed for Summer

I left work at 8.00 in this little number, and strode down to Vauxhall, via the tube and Victoria Station.

Changing into Stella at work is a fraught experience. There always seems to be a colleague about working late, plus the cleaners. I have found a space to change in but thanks to the colleague, I'm unable to return my day clothes to my desk and have to take them with me in my rather over-full handbag.

The weather being on the hot side this week, putting on a light summer dress to go out in was an absolute delight. Would have been even better without the jacket but my pale shoulders just aren't up the exposure right now.

This time I sat on the tube - still with my shades on even though I feel I have eye make up licked, I still feel the need to hide away. Bare legs. Sandals. The tube got backed up into Victoria and it seemed an age while we all sat there avoiding eahc others gaze, me paranoid about showing my bum, I checked my skirt coverage a few times. It felt like all the make up was running off my face in rivulets of sweat. I also knew this was deceptive, and sure enough, when i finally got to check myself in a mirror, i was fine.

then walking through extremely busy Victoria Station, not really noticed at all. Onto a train southbound. Sat down after smoothing my dress, all so natural...

I arrived at the RVT slightly stressed, but not overly so. It had all gone fine. I was a bit sweaty but once inside the pub I calmed down - ordered a drink - found a seat.

Bar Wotever was as entertaining as ever - all musical groups this time, but the Kraken was supremely entertaining. Then home via Waterloo Station

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